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Locked out of your car or house? Unless you have a spare key or know someone who does, it may be time to contact a locksmith. Locksmiths play a very critical role in society. They not only help people out of sticky situations, but they also install, build and repair locks and other security devices (vaults, safes and alarm systems), and duplicate keys. Locksmiths can also recommend good quality security devices. As security appears to be a growing concern, locksmiths must continually update and maintain security devices. Although it is possible to fix such problems on your own or by using another resource, locksmiths are the most knowledgeable, accurate and efficient.

Locksmiths are not required to take any sort of special training in order to be hired. Most locksmiths will get their knowledge on the job, working with experience locksmiths who have been doing it for years. Some locksmiths in training will choose to attend classroom seminars. Total training time for locksmiths could be anywhere from several months, to several years.

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